Xina Giatas

Welcome to the sixth episode of Hey Artists Series!

Let us introduce you the wardrobe stylist Xina Giatas. Xina is one of Sinru's friends where they met through Tinder. That's right - Tinder! Ha! Never have we thought about meeting someone in the fashion industries. It's exciting to see what one stylist do behind the entire productions. 

We always hear this one side of stories from others and always thought about how 

Next things we knew, Sinru wrote to her and asked if KYP can document and interview her for Hey Artists. She said YES! 

The most exciting thing that I’ve done so far? Oh my God...Well, I’m still in New York. I’m feeling that.
— Xina Giatas

For more information about her work, you can visit her website via here.

Drum roll, please... Let's watch the fourth episode of the Hey Artists video below: 

*Other photo credit: Xina Giata - Instagram @blonderexic (02:11 / 02:37 / 03:47 / 03:51)

Jonathan Fasulo - Instagram @fasulo_ (01:13 / 01:16 / 04:32) Robert Longo - 

李雅淳 Ya-Chun Li

— 李雅淳


認識阿淳有好一段日子了,記得第一次踏入她工作的咖啡廳,直覺告訴我她是一位對咖啡很有熱情的人,總覺得她外表酷酷不太說什麼話。經過多次去店裡喝咖啡及蘋果酒後,我開始好奇地向她問問題:「拿鐵和小白咖啡有甚麼差別?」、「手沖豆子的差異在哪裡?」、「如何區分豆子是好還是不好?」。每當問起關於咖啡的事物,阿淳都會滔滔不絕得跟我說起她的想法,雖然咖啡的學問高深莫測一時無法完全理解,但我很喜歡她對咖啡的熱誠。 對每位咖啡師而言,當客人向咖啡師稱讚咖啡很好喝時,就是最開心的瞬間!對阿淳而言,她不只是提供一杯好喝的咖啡,而是專注在每一杯咖啡都能維持滿意的水準。


Here comes our first episode of Hey Artists series in Taiwan, which also is the fifth episode of the series. It has been a while since we last updated. However, we never stopped working on this series; we've just been taking a short break to relax our artistic brain juice. For the rest of the year, we decided to re-arrange our video series order; thus, we added the Taiwanese artists in between. 

This time, our artist is Ya-Chun Li, who was the head barista of Paper Street Coffee Co. of Taipei, Taiwan. (Noted: she's no longer working at Paper Street Coffee anymore. She's now working at a different shop.) She was not trained to make coffee until few years back when she traveled to Melbourne, Australia for Barista English Courses. After that, there she got the chance to work at coffee shops which are in Melbourne and a small town close to Brisbane, AU. That's how the story started.

Throughout the interview, we've learned so much knowledge and passion of coffee. It was truly our pleasure to document her for our Hey Artists series. 

Thanks to all who helped us out during filming, and to all who made this series as the great start of our first queer asian artist video in Taiwan. 

新年快樂!Happy Holiday!

  Happy Chinese New Year! 

  Since there'll be more projects and new series coming up this year, and we need more time to re-arrange our schedule - so for the Hey Artists series, we decided to take a short break this month! 

  Besides, we'll also start working on our dear friends' wedding video - it's the first wedding video of KUYANG, so we're so excited!

  It was indeed an essential year for us in 2015 - from the startup idea of KUYANG, Sinru's moving back to Taiwan, getting to know and interview more great artists and dancers - without all of your support, our amazing journey could not have happened.


  適逢農曆過年,又剛好我們心中卡了很多未來想做的計畫,所以我們決定讓Hey Artists在二月放假一下。雖說是放假,但其實我們在台灣美國兩邊還是馬不停蹄的跟拍藝術家跟舞者/團,繼續影像跟音樂的製作。目標是希望這個月裡,除了跟家人好好團聚(恩,美國這裡是..跟朋友團聚),也能把年後一年的時間表做個規劃。

  到目前為止,我們都是依熱情跟直覺走 - 感謝大家的支持,我們的夢想才能來到這裡。未來的一年我們決定繼續追尋心的方向,對藝術方面的堅持, 繼續記錄,認識更多精彩的你們。 





Rae Angelo Tutera

Rae works as a clothier for Bindle & Keep; and he's also the co-owner of Willoughby General. Besides, he also runs a style blog called The Handsome Feminist. In this episode, we met up with Rae at his shop in Bed-Stuy, and we chatted about queer fashion, experiences of working at Bindle & Keep, and stories of his lovely store.

Before all these happened, I remember while reading an article about custom suit for queer women on tumblr - that's the first time I knew about Rae's works for the community. However we haven't had the chance to meet in person until the Hey Artists series. After seeing his works through @thehandsomefeminist account on Instagram and reading the blog on tumblr or dapperQ - Rae becomes one of the reasons for us to do the project.


Part of the reason I want to open the store is...really believe in beauty and design. And to me, a cup of coffee is art, even cheese, is art.
— Rae Tutera

Let's take a look at the fourth episode below: 

It may sound silly, but we do really want to meet people in person who we've been following on social media platforms, and chat about their love in art, their pieces they've been working on, and their stories.

And here we are now.